Dawn Elizabeth Owens: THIEF, FORGER, EMBEZZLER.

Hire at your own risk.



In 2005, over the course of 7 and a half months, Dawn Elizabeth Owens, embezzled $28, 642.11 from her then-employer Attorney Steve Howard.


Method of Operation: She was hired on as a clerk/paralegal/book-keeper. After her employer became extremely ill, she wrote herself checks at 5,000 at a time. She even used office checks to pay for pizza that was delivered to her home.


She was charged with one count of Forgery/Embezzlement more than $20,000 a 20 year felony.


She plead guilty in the 30th Circuit Court for the State of Michigan to the reduced charge of forgery/embezzlement, greater than $1,000 but less than $20,000. To further aid in her crime, she stole mail, stole checks, cook the books, and when she knew she could not conceal her crime a minute longer, fled to the State of Florida 24 hours ahead of being discovered. Mrs. Owens, may have executed an expungement under Michigan law and a standard background check will not reveal this crime.


WARNING: Employ her, or even allow her on your property or premises at your own risk and peril. She embezzled from her employer while she believed he was going to die.


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